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A young man with big aspirations sets out on a very curious and unique path to realize his dream of becoming an astronaut. Unemployed and living with his single mother, Rupert Madurski must find a nice balance in a world without spacemen.

Scott Nelson and Angela Morris, with Tom McElroy, Judy Rossignuolo-Rice, Nathaniel Shaine, Nickolaus Schnetzky, Steve Santucci, Ronny Stein, Grant Niezgodski, Gloria Alvarez, Corin Clay, Liam Dahlborn, Erin Charapata, Katelyn Charapata, R.J. Diego, Morgan Maas, Diego Ramdi, Ashley Reynolds, Lucia Rosales, Alina, Siodlarz, Finn Siodlarz, Sennet Siodlarz, and Aidan Wondering


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